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Fernando Castilhos Melo
Caxias do Sul - Brazil

Hello! My name is Fernando and welcome to my portfolio that I call: "Blender Lost Archives".

I am a software developer and currently, I'm finishing my Computer Science degree. But this is not all! As you can see in this portfolio I am a 3D artist too, working as freelancer since 2009. I love to model 3D arts because this awakens my creativity, I have too much fun modeling and it's very satisfying to see the final results (to be honest, I never have final results because I'm always learning something to make my arts better, so the result is always changing).

To model and render this 3D arts I use an opensource software called Blender. And as software developer, I decided to contribute with this software with my coursework in the university. To do this, I'm developing an integration between Blender and Kinect to help new users to generate a 3D character animation. If everything works fine, I will have my degree and the community a new addon!

So welcome and feel free to contact clicking the links below my picture (at left) and check out my 3D arts below!

Works and Events

As 3D artist:
Xadrez Caxias: 3D banner art for the website.

As lecturer:
FLISOL 2012 - Caxias do Sul, Brazil
TcheLinux 2013 - Caxias do Sul, Brazil

As technical reviewer (books):

Book: Blender Cycles: Lighting and Rendering Cookbook
Author: Bernardo Iraci
Technical Reviewers: Fernando Castilhos Melo / Patrick Boelens
Publisher: Packt
Year: 2013